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Have I found you?

  *:・゚✧Mori Bikini Top| PEACHES. – RARE B – Messy Top (w/Bikini) (available  at  The Seasons Story (July 10th)) Bikini Bottom | Summer Bikini Bottom (available  at  The Seasons Story (July 10th)) Body |-[TWC]- Deepest bear Skates |PEACHES. – White- Summer Skates (available  at  The Seasons Story (July 10th)) Eyepatch |PEACHBOX. RARE A // Hearty Eyepatch // Blue   Knee bandage | PEACHES.… Continue reading Have I found you?

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We were in love, but I was the only one.

Beusy| Violent seduction| Cubic Cherry *:・゚✧Mori Hair |Beusy: Crush Bun Hairstyle & *barberyumyum*bangs (C) Bikini| *Tentacio* Summer Love Bikini pink  (available  at  The Seasons Story (July 10th)) Body chain |*Tentacio* Summer Love Body chain gold (available  at  The Seasons Story (July 10th)) Nails |::SG:: Metal Tips (available  at  The chapter four) Rings | Astralia – Lunar ascendant Rings(available  at  The Crystal Heart Festival ) Eyepatch |Violent Seduction… Continue reading We were in love, but I was the only one.

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Sometimes I still need you

*:・゚✧Mori Hair |#Foxy – Regan. (available  at  The Crystal Heart Festival ) Top| EVANI – Elliean skirt (available  at  The Crystal Heart Festival ) Skirt |EVANI – Elliean top (available  at  The Crystal Heart Festival ) Kneepads |PEACHES. – Lovely Kneepad (available  at  The Seasons Story (July 10th)) Shoes | *Tentacio* Plastic girl Shoes Rare (available  at  Sanarae) Nails |:Moon Amore: Senshi Nail Art (available  at… Continue reading Sometimes I still need you

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Blueberry | Bueno | The Secret Store | [La Baguette]     *:・゚✧ Mori – Hair | #Foxy – Nuggets Hair (Unrigged) (available at The Chapter Four ) Top | Blueberry – Tyrkini – Bikini Top – Maitreya – White Shorts | BUENO-May Shorts- Fitted- Pink Skates |The Secret Store – Vintage Roller Skates – Candy Ice Cream |sue cream. yummy ice cream gacha –… Continue reading

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You’re like a wave washing over me

Boon |  Paper Arrow | [La Baguette] | spellbound | pumpkin | The Shops | Vale Koer | Kalopsia |Floorplan *:・゚✧ Mori – hair | booN Lab.005 hair (Materials) Bikini | paper.arrow bikini.cheekies black Tattoo |  [La Baguette] Amrita Body Tattoo monochrome (available at Kawaii Project) *:・゚✧ Sovereign – Hat| Spellbound – Freak Cap Shirt| Pumpkin – Apron tee Shorts| The Boutique – Embossed Shorts Watch| Vale… Continue reading You’re like a wave washing over me

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How wonderful it would be

Little Bones |  [La Baguette] |  Intrigue Co | +Half-Deer+ ══ ʚ∘ɞ═══════════════════════════ *:・゚✧ Mori – hair | Little Bones-Vita Rare outfit | sue cream. cherry blossom – Ultra Rare xs (available at The Crystal Heart Festival ) Lion Cubs | [Black Bantam] White Lion Cub (left arm pose & Right arm pose) (available at The Seasons Story) *:・゚✧ Pose – [La Baguette] Oupsie 9   *:・゚✧… Continue reading How wonderful it would be