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And when we looked outside couldn’t even see the sky

*:・゚✧Mori Hair |Mello. XOXO (Available at Hairology)   Outfit|nani // calm weekend // dress-a-4 (Available at The Arcade) Shoes|=Zenith=Leather Heels with Socks (Brown) Bow|Jian :: Forest Fashion Friends – Bunny (White) Pupper | [Black Bantam] Scaredy & Sigh English Bulldog   (This is a free gift for anyone who joins the free Haiku group. The location is here:… Continue reading And when we looked outside couldn’t even see the sky

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I might get ugly, if nobody love me anymore.

*:・゚✧Mori Hair |[Mello] Star Dust Outfit|Cureless sterile pasties and undies Shoes|_CD_ Yira Heels  (Available at C88) Bow|CURELESS&DISORDERLY / Akiba Cafe / Oversize Maid Bow Collar | {vincue} Plastie+Collar – Black/Cherry Tears | CURELESS [+] Collyrium Tears / BLOOD II     *:・゚✧Pose PM . Classy Chair (Available at The Chapter Four) *:・゚✧Deco All deco is from {anc}

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Shes love through jaded eyes.

*:・゚✧Mori Hair |little bones. Dita Outfit|Tentacio Good morning ( Available at Frou Frou) Shoes|#EMPIRE – Geranium Horns|{Imeka} Small Devil Horns Collar | Sweet Thing. Puppy’s Red Princess Collar     *:・゚✧Pose PM . Strippie (stage not included but the money is!) (Available at Anybody)