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Feed me, Fill me up again.


Spellbound | Sleepy  Eddy | Paper Arrow | Deadwool

*:・゚✧ Mori –

Hair |+Spellbound+ Longing / Chapter I : Earth

Jacket| Sleepy Eddy #MA-1 Flight Jacket (Maroon)

Jeans |paper.arrow pedal.pushers dark.grey

Boots | [Deadwool] Patmos boots – black

Weapon [Bad Unicorn] Quarantine ‘Bat Saw’ (Available at Salem)

*:・゚✧Decor –

[Bad Unicorn] Quarantine ‘School Bus’ RARE  (Available at Salem)

[Bad Unicorn] Quarantine ‘NZA Flag’  (Available at Salem)


[Bad Unicorn] Quarantine ‘Medic Pack’ (Available at Salem)

[Bad Unicorn] Quarantine ‘Red Barrel’ (Available at Salem)



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