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Don’t let me down


VCO | Offbeat | Rama

*:・゚✧ Mori –

hair | Blues. Layne – fitted (available at Hair Fair)
top | . offbeat . good summer : top white/mint
bottoms | Addams // Tini Flare Skirt w/Panties // Maitreya (available at The Epiphany )

shoes |REIGNxFLite.- PULSE PLATS Rare #2  (available at The Epiphany )

Collar |  Grixdale – Pet – Collar – Fuck – Mint  (available at The Epiphany )

Water Bottle | REPRESENT (equipped with Animations done by Sync’d Motion) – Water Bottle “Female,  White”  (available at The Epiphany )

Hoverboard |REPRESENT – Dankwheel “Gold” (rez) RARE (equipped with Animations done by Sync’d Motion) (available at The Epiphany )

Phone | VCO ~ Honey Deco Phone . Mint syrup

Tattoo | DAPPA – Hana Tattoo (available at Kawaii Project)

*:・゚✧ Decor –

RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Old Street

*:・゚✧ Notes –

The hoverboard and water bottle are both animated with animations from Sync’d the hoverboard offers numerous fun dances and animations, the water bottle has drinking animations as well, there are also numerous long boards which include dances as well as a dance hud that comes a long with the rare!


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